Happy Anniversary, My Beloved

How far a person can go to hook his true love? What is the price to pay? What are the consequences? These are questions that many spend their whole lives wondering. Benicio not. He always knew the answers.


Pages: 40
Publisher: Indie
Year: 2013
Size: 14 cm x 21 cm



Fábio Yabu“Combo Rangers” & “Sea Princesses”

Who has never dreamed of being able to read minds? To penetrate people’s minds, dive into their innermost secrets and fantasies? Telepathy may sound like a blessing, but honestly, I think it would be the most terrible of curses. After all, who would be able to keep sanity facing traumas, madness and nightmares that inhabit the mind of a friend, a brother, or worse, a sweetheart?

Fortunately, we are deaf to each other’s thoughts. The closest we come to telepathy are stories that are nothing less than a reflection of the intricate human

mind, fragmented metaphors from all the pain and joy that we carry throughout life.

In the story ‘Happy Anniversary, My Beloved’, Brão Barbosa allows us to enter a little bit into his mind, a complex maze brushed by blood and ink, built with irony and sadism. I do not guarantee that you will come back, but I can assure you will have a lot of fun.”