Interdimensional Jukebox is a personal project that I created based on Rick and Morty’s Interdimensional Cable TV, but related to music.

The joke here was to imagine if in some parallel universe great artists would exist in a mixed up version between each other, resulting in some mashup versions of their famous songs.

The creative process was:

  1. Select good artists who have interesting and recognisable visual elements;
  2. Think about what artists could mix these elements together;
  3. Try to find a famous song by each artist and mix them up;

This process resulted in 3 mashups:
1. The song;
2. The look;
3. The song name;

All songs are copyrighted by their respective owners:

Created by Brão Barbosa
Illustrations and motion by Brão Barbosa
Mashups by Brão Barbosa and Vanessa Foffano
Audio supervision by Caleb Meirelles and Bia Zago